How do I replace a Cbus North America device (dimmer, keypad, or other)?


29 September 2021

How do I replace a Cbus device (dimmer, keypad, or other)?   

Product Line:
Clipsal C-Bus Lighting Control North America

Residential or Commercial Building

One of the units has a failure and it was replaced.  The new unit must be programmed to have the same functionality as the old unit.  

The first and fastest method to replace a unit depends on the system owner having a computer copy of the Cbus Toolkit project database.  

1.  Install the new device into the network.  
2.  Open the project in C-Bus Toolkit.  
3.  Look at the Units in C-Bus Toolkit by selecting "Units" within the Project that you are working on.  Your computer screen should show the Computer Database copy of the project in the top half of the screen and the Network Units on the bottom half of the screen.  
4.  Find the old unit on the Computer Database copy of the database.  Note the Device Address of the old unit.  
5.  Scan the Network for new units.  The new device will appear as device address 255.  255 is the default address of all new units.
6.  In the Network Units list, right click on the new device and select "Edit Device Address" command.  Enter the address number of the old device.
7.  On the Computer Database, select the old device.  Double click it to open the detailed properties of the device.   Click OK to Save the Device Configuration to the physical unit on the network.

If the technician installing the new unit does not the Cbus Toolkit database of the network, then installing a new unit is more challenging.  The technician must know or must determine the desired  sequence of operation of the system and program the new unit.   He can program the new device by creating a new project in C-Bus Toolkit, scanning in the network units, and manually configuring the new unit.  Alternatively, C-Bus Learn Mode can possibly used to program the new device.