Are Line Reactors required on an ATV212 Drive?


26 August 2022

Do ATV212 drives need line reactors?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV212

All model numbers


No, line reactors are not required nor recommended for ATV212.

Data Bulletin 8800DB0702R06/11 Reduced Harmonics Technology in Altivar 212
The Altivar 212 adjustable speed drive, designed specifically for pump and
fan applications, has a unique and effective approach to reducing
harmonics called reduced harmonics technology (RHT). The Altivar 212
drive offers a unique, optimized power section and a powerful motor control
method that significantly reduces harmonic currents. The Altivar 212 drive
reduces harmonics by 60% or more without the use of additional harmonic
reduction devices.

AC line reactors are often used when the incoming AC line power is above
voltage specifications to reduce the effect of high line voltage. Adding a line
reactor will not significantly reduce or add to the Altivar 212 drive’s THDI.