What is required to setup SMS messaging in ClearSCADA?


30 September 2021

Using a GSM Modem attached to your ClearSCADA Server doesn't require any third party software and the communication can be two way. You can send SMS messages out of ClearSCADA and you can also receive SMS Messages into ClearSCADA. 

Recommended Hardware: Schneider Modem SR2 MOD02
Note: Not all GSM Modems work
I altered the ClearSCADA pager communications channel settings as follows to match the modems defaults. The paperwork that came with the modem didn't give me this vital information. So I found this information in SR2MOD02 and SR2MOD03 Wireless Modem User Guide 11/2013 on page 45 of a manual that I downloaded. 
        Baud Rate         = 115200 
        Data Bits        = 7 
        Parity                = Even 
        Stop Bits         = 1 
        Flow Control        = RTS/CTS 
To send and receive SMS Messages you need to use the Pager Driver in ClearSCADA. 
The online help gives some good information regarding this and can be found here 
Driver Reference -> Pager Driver 
The object you would need to create in ClearSCADA to send a SMS include 
Pager -> SMS Pager Channel 
Pager -> SMS Service 
Alarm that would trigger the SMS 
Alarm Redirection configured on the Alarm object or Group Object 
Alarm Redirection -> Pager Action 
User or Group of users in the database to send the redirection complete with contact details don't forget the +61 for the phone number and drop the 0 at the start of a mobile number. 
The additional object you would need to create in ClearSCADA to process an inbound SMS include 
Other -> Method call 
Lots of other things can be done with Calendar and roster objects also...... 
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