Can I convert an XBTL1000 application (XBTF terminal) to Vijeo Designer (XBTGT/GK terminal)?


30 September 2021

We have a Services & Projects offer making it easy to migrate XBTL 1000 applications created on XBTF terminals to Vijeo Designer applications for use on XBTGT/GK HMI terminals.

The service provides:

  • Analysis of the complexity of migration regarding: hardware, software, communication with PLCs, etc.
  • Analysis of the new functional requirements
  • Proposal for migration methodology
The possible deliverables include:
  • Simple conversion
  • Full migration of complex machines
  • Migration to SCADA system
  • Standardisation process for multiple machines

For more information on this service offer, please consult your Customer Care Centre.

Note: Migration cannot be performed by the end user.

Note: The software XBTL1000 and the  XBTF terminals and the XBTGT/GK ranges are now obsolete The Magelis HMI GTO is the nearest current range.