What are the characteristics of a 4061E2PUDM-TR?


01 March 2021

The 4061E2PUDM-TR has the function of a push button switch as well as a rotary dimmer all rolled into one which is a great space saver for the Saturn series.

• Integrally switched modular dimming mechanism.
• Built using Clipsal Universal Dimming Technology.
• 350W power rating. • Suitable for a wide range of load types:
• Incandescent (tungsten filament) lamps.
• 240V Halogen/Dichroic Lamps.
• Low voltage downlights using electronic transformers.
• Low voltage downlights using iron-core transformers.
• Small motor loads. • Compatible with selected dimmable LED loads*.
• User selectable soft-start/kick-start operation.
• User adjustable minimum brightness.
• Multi-gang capacity up to six (6) dimmer mechanisms per plate.
• Wall or architrave mounting options.
• Wide range of plate styles and colour variants available.
• Suitable for new installations or retrofit applications.
• Inbuilt over-current and over-temperature protection.
• Full short circuit protection (!).
• Fitted with suppressors to minimise radio frequency interference.
• Complies with Australian and International EMC Standards.

Please go to the web site via the following link https://www.clipsal.com/products/detail?CatNo=4061E2PUDM&tab-document-1=0&itemno=4061E2PUDM-TR