Clipsal Cbus RS232 PC Interface (PCI) will not connect to PC (USA model)


29 September 2021

User is trying to connect PC Computer to Clipsal C-Bus system through RS232 PC Interface PCI device.  The user cannot establish a connection or open the network.

Product Line:
Clipsal C-bus (SLC series US model)

C-Bus Toolkit

Most PC's today do not have built in RS-232 ports.  The PC must use a USB to RS-232 adaptor device or cable.    It has been our experience that some of these USB to RS232 adaptors work better than others.  The reasons for these differences is typically driver related.  

Also, it has been our experience that although a USB to serial adaptor may be known to work on one piece of equipment, it may not work on the C-Bus PCI.   For example, we have seen some adaptors successfully connect to a Powerlink G3 controller and then fail to connect to a C-Bus RS-232 PCI.   

It is suggested to try a USB-to-serial adaptor that is known to work with C-Bus.  Below is a list of adaptors that we had successful experiences with C-Bus RS-232 PCI device.  

Date of Functional Verification:  16May2014
Manufacturer:  Gigaware
Product Name:  6ft USB-A to Serial Cable
Product Model Number:  2603487
Purchase Date:  15May2014 from RadioShack, $25
Computer used with:   HP Laptop running Windows 7 64-bit

An alternative resolution would be to use a different device to access the C-Bus Network such as any of the following:  
USB PC Interface SLC5500PCU
Pascal Automation Controller SLC5500PACA
Ethernet Network Interface SLC5500CN2
Mark II Black and White Touch Screens