How do you setup a Jog on the ATV12?


18 March 2022

Needs a jog input for the Altivar 12 drive.

Product Line:
ATV12, Altivar 12

All models

Using a logic input to Jog the motor.

Assign a Logic input under the Jog function (COnF > FULL > FUn > JOG).  Jog can be assigned to L1h, L2h, L3h or L4h.  The Jog function is a speed reference of 5Hz with 0.1s ACC and DEC.  This value cannot be adjusted.  If you need a jog faster than 5Hz, use a Preset Speed. 

In order to Jog, the drive needs to have a direction command (Run Forward or Run Reverse input closed). 

The Jog function is not compatible with PI Regulator.