What are the rules for parallel-connection of XS 2-wire inductive, XT capacitive and XU photoelectric detectors?


27 June 2022

Relevant products
The relevant products are XS inductive and XT capacitive sensors, and XU photoelectric detectors.

Electrical Connection
Parallel connection of a 2-wire output sensor and/or mechanical switching devices is not advisable.
In fact, if one of the two sensors connected in parallel is in the "OFF" state, the second sensor will no longer be supplied with power. When the contact changes to the "ON" state, the sensor will not be available immediately because it is being powered up.
Operation may be acceptable if the sensors are activated alternately one after the other.
Otherwise, they may be damaged.
This type of connection should therefore be avoided.

When connected in series, XS and XU products do not generate conducted or radiated electromagnetic phenomena likely to disturb their environment.
Their immunity to electromagnetic disturbance is also compliant with IEC standard 947-5-2