How do I monitor the systems remotely through the Combox?


23 January 2021

ComBox - Power Monitoring over the Internet
 Important: This device can be configured to connect to the Internet using portforwarding
in your network router’s settings. There is a security risk in portforwarding
unencrypted network traffic over a public network (Internet). Use of
a VPN or a secure tunnel to route Conext ComBox communication via the
Internet is recommended.

 Conext ComBox (865-1058) used with Xanbus enabled devices

Routers confirmed to work :
Cisco RVS4000
LinkSys WRT54G
D-Link DIR-615

Routers that may not work :
D-Link DIR-655 

Here is a link to the DNS service used in this solution :
Click on "configuration instructions" and scroll down to your operating system (Win/Mac). Select "TCP/IPv4" for Windows users in Step 4.

Refer to image[1] attachment :
Notice that "Use DHCP" is set to "NO", the static IP is set to which is outside the range of DHCP for this router. Also notice that the gateway address matches the "Local IP Address" of the router in image[2]. Finally notice that the DNS server address has been changed to the google DNS IP (

Refer to image[2] :
Here is a shot of the setup page in the linksys WRT54G router. Notice the DHCP block runs from through 210. This is necessary to keep other DHCP devices dynamically supported (i.e. printer).
Notice that "DNS 1" has been changed to the google DNS IP of

Refer to image[3] :
Here is the status screen for the router, Notice that the DNS1 has been accepted by the router and is pointing to Google (

Finally, it is necessary to use the port forwarding rules (on the router web page) to port forward the new IP for the ComBox
( in this case) on port 80. Refer to the following link for directions on how to port forward with your make/model router :

After all of this is done, you must first reboot the router and then reboot the ComBox.
IMPORTANT : ComBox will NOT accept changes to "TCP/IP Settings" menu until REBOOT is performed (SETUP>GENERAL>REBOOT) from the ComBox web page (this does not eliminate the need to click the file icon after changes are made, however).

Any computer with access to the internet can enter the WAN IP address for the router into their web browser (preferably Firefox or Google Chrome) and access the ComBox login screen. Be sure to change the login password so unwanted 3rd parties cannot access the ComBox
with the default password, in case they obtain your router IP address.

NOTE : It is highly recommended to install Firefox or Google Chrome as you default web browser. Slow and intermittent connectivity were experienced on computer running IE9.