Does Schneider Electric offer a VFD rated for 480Vac single phase input to drive a three phase motor?


21 July 2022

Customer needs a drive for a 460Vac motor, but only has 480Vac single phase power available. 

Product Line:
Altivar drives


Customer's site only has 480 V single phase line voltage available.

The ATV320 and ATV630 product lines have models that are rated for 480V single phase supply.
See the attached Annex files for details.

Contact the local Schneider Electric Drives Rep or Distributor or Sales office for approvals of other VFDs for use with 480V single phase supply.

The Annex is the only approved document, so all previous documentation including Pricing Guides, Errata sheets and the letters from Product Management are superseded by these documents and all inquiries regarding this type of application need to be referred to the appropriate published document.

For any 480 V single phase applications outside of the approved ATV320 models, consider contacting Bonitron ( for possible solutions such as supplying DC voltage direct to the VFD DC bus. The ATV930 product line can be fed direct to the DC bus as well.  The ATV630 does not have terminal access to the DC bus.