How do I setup or activate my Wiser System?


23 January 2021

What is the Coordinator Gateway that I received?
How do I setup or activate my Wiser System? 

New home owner moved into a new construction house that was constructed with Wiser Components installed.   The home owner needs more information and instructions to setup the Wiser system.    The home owner needs education on what the system does and how it works.

Product Line:
Wiser Home Managerment System (EER series USA model only)


The home builders that partner with Schneider Electric to use the Wiser Home Management System include the Power Monitor and Coordinator as standard equipment.  The Power Monitor is installed by the electrician during home construction.   The Coordinator is provided by the home builder but it must installed by the home owner after the home owner activates internet service to the home.  The home owner is tasked with creating an account on wiserenergy.com and activating the devices.   

Additional items such as thermostats and smart plugs are additional cost to the home owner.    

A Setup Guide Document is attached.   Also, a series of YouTube videos have been published to walk the homeowner through the process.   Click here to link to the Wiser YouTube playlist.