Where can I find the ATV61 E-Flex enclosed drive heatsink fan part numbers?


28 September 2021

Part number of Heatsink fan for an ATV61 E-Flex Enclosed Drive.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 E-Eflex only


Heatsink fan replacement part numbers.

You will need to know what ATV61 drive is in the E-Flex enclosure before you can choose the correct heatsink fan.  Once you find out what ATV61 drive is mounted inside the enclosure you can choose the heatsink fan on

page 119 or 120 in the  the E-Flex enclosed installation manual 30072-451-51D.

If the customer can not give you the Class or type of the enclosure or the ATV61 drives part number that is mounted inside the enclosure they can look at the engineering name plate on the door to get this information.

Example: Heat sink fan for E-Flex with an ATV61HU30N4 drive will be part number VZ3V1209.

See the attached document.