There are missing days in my Wiser energy graph.


23 January 2021

The energy graph on wiserenergy.com does not show data for everyday.   Some days have no data.

Product Line:
Wiser Home Management System (version 1 EER series USA model only)

Wiser Home Management System (version 1 EER series USA model only)

1.  The first possible cause is that the Wiser Gateway was unplugged, or disconnected from the internet for a period of time.  If this occurs, the home's Wiser System will not be able to report to wiser servers and data will be lost.  
2.  Another possible cause is that the power data was negative.  The graphs on wiserenergy.com will only show positive consumption.  See FA214229
1.  Make sure that your Wiser gateway is plugged in and is connected to the internet.
2.  If your Wiser gateway has been continuously plugged in, and has had an internet connection, please contact Wiser support.

More information about how to use the Wiser Home Management System may be found in a series of video tutorials published on YouTube.   Link to the the entire playlist of tutorials here.    Video #1, "Creating an Account," most closely pertains to this topic.  This video covers setting up the Gateway and confirming the Gateway's Internet connection.   Click here to go to Video #1.