What is an OLF fault on the ATS48?


16 June 2022

 OLF fault on the ATS48.
Product Line:
OLF is a motor thermal fault. 
Troubleshooting steps
1.        Check programming of the Softstart
           SEt menu
           In     – Motor FLA
           ILt    – Current limit (may increase to allow more current when starting)
          ACC – Acceleration (depend on the torque control setting)
           t90   – Initial starting torque (may not be visible, increase to increase the starting torque)

          drC Menu
          bSt   – Voltage boost level (can be used to avoid any starting torque issues)
          CLP – Torque control (turning CLP OFF will ramp according to ACC in the SEt menu)

2.       Check wiring from soft start to motor and verify that terminal connections are properly torque
3.       Check for blockage of the motor
4.       Check for correct rotation of motor
5.       Check that the motor and the soft start are sized correctly
6.       Attempt to run motor and check the current draw on each phase of the output on the soft start.
7.       If possible run motor across line and check current draw on each of the three phases They should be within the full load amps of the motor and should be balanced on the three phases. If the motor does not run from line power, or  the current is high when running on line power, the problem is with the motor.