Is it possible to configure a custom current threshold trip point in the ATS48 soft starter?


09 March 2022

ATS48 configuring a custom current threshold trip point.

Product Line:
Altistart 48, ATS48

All models, All serial numbers.

Application requires the motor to be shut down if a specific motor current is exceeded.  This specific current is lower than the default trip point calculated by the ATS48 based on the motor parameters.

Parameter OIL under the PRO menu is - Activation of Current Overload.  It can be used to create a custom current setpoint in the Altistart 48. 

Parameter OIL can be set to the following:
ALA = An alarm activates when the set point is exceeded, this will set an internal bit high in the starter and can also be assigned to a relay output, but will not stop the motor.
dEF = The soft starter will stop and OLC will be displayed on the screen.
OFF = Custom current trip point is disabled ***This is the factory default

Once you change OIL from OFF to ALA or dEF, two additional parameters need to be reviewed or adjusted.  LOC - current threshold and tOL - overload time. 

Parameter LOC is used to set the percentage of motor full load current.  It is adjustable between 50 and 300%, and the factory default setting is 80%.  (*Note, Motor FLA should be programmed into the In parameter under the SET menu).   LOC percentage is based off of the value entered into the In parameter which should match the full load amps (FLA) rating listed on the motor nameplate. 

Parameter tOL is used to set the amount of time that the starter will allow the motor to pull current in excess of LOC setting before considering it a fault.  It can be adjusted between 0.1 and 60 seconds.  Factory default setting is 10 Seconds.

*Note*  OIL parameter is only active in steady state operation (at full speed, after acceleration is complete).  It does not activate while the motor is ramping up to full speed or ramping down to a stop.