How do you clear the SAFF status on the ATV32 drives?


10 June 2022

SAFF on the ATV32 drives?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV32


SAFF mode has been activated by opening one of the 3 safety inputs STO, SLS or SS1.

A: STO status on drive means the drive safety input STO, SLS or SS1 was assigned but not turned on during power up.
Power down the drive first, leaving safety input turned OFF.
With the drive powered down, turn on any assigned safety input STO, SLS or SS1.
Power up the drive with the safety input turned on and it will show RDY.
B: SAFF status on the drive means after the drive was powered up in RDY  or is running, and someone opened one of the safety STO, SLS, SS1 safety inputs.
To clear the SAFF, power down the drive and make sure any assigned safety inputs are turned on or jumper to +24vdc before you power the drive back up. (For Testing purpose only).
Other things to check that can trigger a SAFF
Make sure Debounce time and response time are set to 0 for both to deactivate this function. Again, if the values are out of range, it can trigger a SAFF status.
Safety programming can only be done using SoMove programming software.

ATV32- password for STO is 1581