How to troubleshoot a Micrologic P trip unit that doesn't display voltage or power measurements


02 March 2022

Micrologic P trip unit doesn't display voltage or power measurements.

Product Line:
PowerPact P and R and Masterpact NT and NW circuit breakers

If this P trip unit was upgraded from either a standard or ammeter trip unit, then to correct this, add the external voltage sensing (EVS) kit. Use:
S64203 for P frame unit mount or I-Line
S64210 for P frame with motor operator or rotary handle
S64209 for P frame drawout
S64208 for R frame unit mount or I-Line
S47506 for fixed NT or NW breakers
S47507 for drawout NT breakers
S48533 for drawout NW breakers
Refer to Installation Bulletin 48049-339-01 for all of the P and R frame kits.
Refer to Installation Bulletin 48049-296-02 for the fixed NT or NW as well as the drawout NT breakers and 48049-242-02 for the drawout NW breakers.