How do you change the ATV61 BACnet device name?


28 September 2021

BACnet device name change

Product Line:
ATV61 drives with VW3A3315 or VW3A3319 BACnet option card.

ATV61 drives with BacNet option card

The object name that holds the device name can not be modified and always is ATV61.

The ATV61 Bacnet cards (VW3A3315 or VW3A3319) produced after November 2014 have Firmware version V1.1ie09. 
This version automatically assigns the device name to ATV61, followed by the 3 digit address set by the DIP switches on the option card (called the MAC address).
As long as there are no duplicate addresses, there will not be any duplicate names.

Prior to this firmware release, it was not possible to change the device name for the ATV61.
For older versions,  the workaround is to assign a device name directly to the drive via the 7 [Display Config] -- 7.1 [User parameters] -- [device Name].
This name will appear in the BACnet controller under Deivce Object Type -- "descripition".  Please check the attached example screen capture.