Video: How can I adjust the starting torque on the ATS48 soft starter?


19 July 2022

Adjust the starting torque or voltage boost on the ATS48 soft starter.

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Altistart ATS48

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Add a boost to torque

In the SEt Menu, parameter tq0 is the Initial starting torque as a percentage of nominal motor torque.  From this initial torque level, the ATS48 will ramp up to motor torque to nominal torque level.  Set tq0 to fit the application.
tq0 is only available if parameter CLP in the drC menu is set to On. 

In the drC menu, parameter bSt is Voltage boost level.  The ATS48 will apply bSt percentage of full voltage for the first 100msec and then drop to tq0 torque level to continue with a standard acceleration ramp.  bSt can be set within the range 50-100% or OFF.  It is typically used to simply get a high inertia load to move from a rest.

Also try decreasing the ACC time value to ramp quickly to higher torque levels.