What are some steps to troubleshoot fault code OHF on an ATV61 and ATV71 drive (Overheating faults)?


24 June 2022

Troubleshooting OHF on an ATV61 and ATV71 drive

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 and ATV71 drives


Drives thermal temp has exceeded 118%

Check to see if the cooling fans are running.  Check for blockage on the top of the drive to see if cooling fans are being restricted.
Menu 1.2 monitoring, check the drives thermal state as the drive starts to warm up, is the signal jumping around?  This could tell us the thermal sensor is inoperative.
The drives thermal state should be 100% and below in normal running conditions.
OHF fault is triggered if the drive thermal state reaches 118%.
Contact your drives product support group for more assistance if needed.
Refer to the attached document for the fan control strategy to determine when the heatsink fans should be running.