How many amps does the ATV71HU22M3, ATV71HU15M3, ATV61HU22M3 and ATV61HU15M3 drive pull in standby mode?


26 August 2022

Amperage pull by ATV71/ATV61 units while in standby mode

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 and ATV71

All serial numbers

Not listed in any known documentation.
Current consumption in standby mode for ATV71 and 61 ranges, the standby state is in accordance with the following definition:
                - Supply of control board (µcontroller, logic and controller functions),
                - 24V supply for customer off ( No consumption),
                - Fan supply is off,
                - Power stage is off, except consumption of blending resistors and EMC resistors,
                - No option boards connected (I/O, Communication and Encoder).

Approximately  22 Watts

To convert Electric power in watts (W) to electric current in amps (A) will vary based on 
to following information, which may vary case to case :
current type,                   = AC 3 phase      (or 1 phase)
power in watts,               = 22W
voltage                           = 240V            (208V 230V)
power factor for AC circuit  = Motor nameplate information 

Typical power factor values
Do not use typical PF values for accurate calculations. 

Device    Typical                power factor

Resistive load                          1
Fluorecent lamp                       0.95
Incandescent lamp                  1
Induction motor full load          0.85
Induction motor no load           0.35
Resistive oven                         1
Synchronous motor                  0.9

current type,                             = AC 3 phase
power in watts,                         = 22W
voltage                                      = 240V
power factor for AC circuit        = 0.85  (Induction motor full load)
Current results in Amps      =0.062263264324 amps