What is the difference in ATV61KD.... and ATV61HD..... Drive part numbers?


21 October 2021

Drive nameplate shows ATV61H…. but the drive menu 1.11 shows ATV61K …

Product Line:
ATV61, Altivar 61

All ATV61 drives upto 100 hp

Different part numbers for the same drive.

All E-Flex, M-Flex and PowerGard enclosed adjustable speed drive controllers utilize the ATV61 power converter in a customized hardware and software configuration where the product gains a horsepower rating for devices configured in IP00 with a 3% line reactor (or DC Choke). It is called the PN+1 Rating, Power Identification change for enclosed drive products. The power converter is programmed by Quality Assurance personnel for these settings to match NEC2005 Table 430.250 for 460V and 230V configurations only.

The drive HP/kW sticker (or imprint) on the cover of the power converter component used within the E-Flex or M-Flex enclosure may not necessarily reflect the correct markings for the enclosed package.  However, the graphic terminal display will reflect the correct rating from the factory and should match the enclosed drive controller nameplate and should be observed for the application. 

Example: ATV61HU55N4 (IP20) is on the nameplate, but in the Drive menu (1.11 IDENTIFICATION) shows ATV61KU75N4 (IP00). They are the SAME drive.
When the open style IP20 is changed to IP00, the drive rating increases by one size and the identifying part number changes from H (shown on drive nameplate) to K (shown in the drive menu).  Based on UL test results, the rating change can only be done in our offering of enclosed packages, such as MCC M-Flex and E-Flex.  Using IP00 is not an option for an open style drive.