How to set up an ATV12 drive so that R1 relay closes upon motor run status?


04 July 2023

ATV12 set up for R1 to show motor running status.

Product line:
Altivar 12, ATV12
All models, all serial numbers
The Altivar 12 has an NO/NC programmable contact on terminals R1A-R1B-R1C.  (NO is R1A to R1C, NC is R1B to R1C). 
Relays accept both a 120V source or 24VDC.

To setup R1 to indicate the drive is running you need to assign this function to the R1 relay.
Go to the following menu:
COnF > FULL > I_O- > r1.  Change this parameter to rUn
When the drive is providing voltage to the motor, the R1A-R1C contact will be closed. 
See User Manual BBV28581 for more details.