Where can I find ATV61 programming assistance with the water solutions card VW3A3503?


24 November 2022

Programming and wiring up a water solution card on the ATV61 drives?

Product line:
Altivar ATV61 with water solutions option card VW3A3503.

All models, all serial numbers 

Water Solution Card set up configuration.

First, go through the Pre-Configuration section in the manual.   Transducer is 0-145 PSI with 4-20mA Output. There are 2 additional External pumps.   Go to Page 86 to set System Units =1 (Imp, Gallon and Degree Fahrenheit)   Water Solutions/Expansion/PID PID Ref Local (Local PID reference will appear under Water Solutions menu) PID Max Ref 100 psi PID Feedback  Drive AI2 PID Gain 50 PID Integral 1   Water Solutions/Expansion/Sensors Outlet Transducer Maximum   145 psi Pressure Units PSI   Water Solutions/Expansion/Start Set Setpoint Ramp  5.0   Water Solutions/Expansion/Stage Number of External Pumps 1 Stage Speed  50 hZ  Jumper: +24 to CI_LI54 External Pump 1 No Fault +24 to CI_LI55 External Pump 2 No Fault +24 to CI_LI57      Auto enable   The Feedback Pressure(monitored under water Solution menu) must be lower than the Start Pressure(programmed in Start Set) when closing CI_LI57 and want the unit to start.
Wiring examples:
CLI57= auto enable or start
CLI58= fault reset

Transducer input
AI2= Analog input on the drive
AI52 and AI51= analog inputs on the water solutions card

Fault feedback inputs from aux pump overload relays
CLI54= for fault input for Aux pump 1
CLI55= for fault input for Aux pump 2
CLI56= for fault input for Aux pump 3

Aux pump outputs
CLO51= Aux output for pump 1
CLO52= Aux output for pump 2
CLO53= Aux output for pump 3

Status outputs from the WSC
CLO55= Run status
CLO56= Fault status

Jockey pump option
CLO56= Jockey or priming pump output

Water Solution Control Card User manual