Does Schneider Electric offer any drives that can operate AC Permanent Magnet Motors?


28 August 2022

Schneider Electric drives offer that can operate AC Permanent Magnet Motors. 

Product line:
Altivar ATV32 ATV71, ATV212

All models, all serial numbers

Special motor requirements Resolution

Both the ATV71 and ATV32 are able to operate Synchronous PM motors. You need to set the Motor Control Type to Sync Motor. Both manuals specifically state. "For synchronous permanent magnet motors with sinusoidal electromotive force (EMF) only." so please ensure that any PM motor you wish to use meets that criteria. The ATV212 can also operate synchronous permanent magnet motors, if you have software version V5.4 IE53 . You need to exactly follow the procedure in the ATV212 Programming Manual ( S1A538838 11/14).