How do I set up plus + and minus - speeds on the Altivar 61/71 drives?


28 September 2021

Speed needs to be done using logic inputs to increase and decrease speed.  

Product line:
Altivar 61/71

All models, all serial numbers 

Set up Logic inputs LI5 and LI 6 for + and - speed inputs.

Set up the drive as follows: Wire one side of the switches to the +24v terminal and the other side of the minus switch to a logic input (example LI5) Wire the other side of the plus switch to a different logic input (example LI6) 
Program as follows:
CTL menu
RFC Ref 2 switching set to Ch2 active
RF2 Ref 2 channel set to UPdt + and - speed control.
FUn menu
UPd + /- speeds
USP= - speed input for LI5 or you can choose your logic input assignment.
dSP= + speed input for LI6 or you can choose your logic input assignment.
See the appropriate programming manual for additional info:
ATV61 manual   ATV71 manual