How do you perform a diode static check on the FLEX58 drives?


28 September 2021

Diode static check on FLEX58.

Product Line:
Flex58 or ATV58


Checking diodes to see if they are shorted.

Before starting, make sure you turn off ALL POWER on the drive.  Wait 15 mins, so that the DC bus has time to discharge below 24vdc on PA+ and PC-.
Using a multi-meter with a diode checker , measure between the DC Bus terminals PA/+ to L1-L2-L3 , then reverse the meter leads and read again between PA/+ to L1-L2-L3.  In one direction, you should read 0.30 to 0.60, and in the reverse direction you should read OL.  Repeat this measurement with the blue wire (PC/-) on the J18 connector or on the (PC-) terminal.  If "shorted circuit" is read in any of the readings, repair or replace the drive is recommended.