How can you convert a Trane unit Flex58 over to use an ATV61 open type drive?


24 January 2022

Trying to convert a Trane unit Flex58 over to an ATV61 open type drive.

Product Line:
Altivar 61


They are replacing a Trane Flex58 drive over to an ATV61 drive they need assistance with programming and wiring.

Logic input layout.
LI1 is start/stop.
LI2 is run permissive.
LI3 and LI4 are not going to be needed.
AI1 is 0-10V signal coming from BMS.
R1 relay is assigned to Fault
R2 relay is assigned to Run.

Programming ATV61
Under  Menu 1.1 of the ATV61
2 wire control
Std motor frequency: 60 Hz.
Rated motor power: motor name plate
Rated motor current: motor name plate FLA
Rated motor frequency: 60 Hz
Rated motor speed: motor name plate
Max frequency: 60 Hz.
Motor thermal current: motor name plate FLA
ACC/DEC: 20 Seconds
Low speed: 22 Hz.
High Speed: 60 Hz

Under Menu 1.5 of the ATV61
2 wire type: Level type
AI1 Configuration: type set to voltage min 0V  max 10vdc
R1 Configuration: no drive Fault
R2 Configuration: drive running

Under Menu 1.6 of the ATV61
Ref 1 Channel: AI1
Profile: Not Sep

Under Menu 1.7 of the ATV61
Ref 1 B switching : Channel 1 active
Ref 1 B channel:  set to no
NST Freewheel stop set to LI2  (only if you have the bypass option)

Under Menu 1.8 of the ATV61
Fault reset= yes
Catch on the Fly = Yes
Output phase loss detection= No   ( only if you have the bypass option)

We can only replace the Flex58 drives to the ATV61 drives if they are being used on Trane enclosed systems.  This does not apply to the old Econoflex or MCC Flex58 drives.
After you remove the Flex58 drive it will leave a large hole which will need to be covered and the ATV61 will be mounted on the back plane.   Schneider Electric does not offer any retro kits for this procedure.

If the end customer is unable to do this conversion they will need to replace this complete drive with an enclosed EFlex 61 drive  ATV212 S-Flex or ATV660 enclosed drive.