Video: What can cause connection in progress issue on HMI keypad VW3A1101 with ATV212 drive?


28 July 2022

Connection in progress on the keypad with an ATV212 drive.

Product Line:
Altivar 212


In most cases, the issue is because the baud rate and parity settings of the HMI modbus has been altered.

Verify the following parameters using built in display.
  • Go to F--- menu:
  • F800=1 (Baud rate) 1= 19.2K
  • F801=1 (Parity) 1= Even parity

Also, the keypad Flash must be V1.1IE29 or higher.  
Also, try swapping out the control terminal block with a known good one that has the F, R RES wires connected to it. 

Power cycle once changes are made.

In other cases, a power supply issue where the +10V source PP and +24V source P24 may have issues or shorting.