How is the maximum speed changed in the ATV31 or ATV312 drive so that the motor can operate above 60Hz?


18 May 2022

How the motor can operate above 60Hz in the ATV31 or ATV312 drives?
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ATV31 ATV312
Changing high speed / max frequency
Parameter HSP determines the maximum speed the drive can operate.  Parameter tFr determines the maximum value that HSP can be adjusted.  

By default, tFr is set to 60Hz.  When changing the Motor Frequency - bFr this changes tFr to 72Hz.  

To increase the maximum speed above 72Hz - Go to the drc menu and Set parameter tFr.  This can be adjusted up to 500Hz.  After saving the change, go to the SEt menu > HSP and adjust up to the desired speed.  

If your motor is a specialty motor that is rated for a frequency other than 50Hz. or 60Hz. such as a 300Hz. rated spindle motor, change paramter FrS under the DRC menu to match the rated frequency of the motor.