Is it possible to mute the Audible Alarms on the Back UPS CS Series


17 August 2022


It is Possible to mute Alarms on some of the Back UPS units but not on all.

The Back UPS CS units can be monitored and controlled with PowerChute Personal Edition.

It is Possible to Mute the Alarms on the international model Back UPS CS 650, but not on the CS 500 or the CS 350 Model range.

Note: It is not possible to mute the BK650EI alarms without the use of PowerChute Personal Edition software.

Product Line:



BK650EI, BK500EI, BK350EI

Cause / Resolution:

To mute the alarms open PowerChute Personal Edition, select ""Notification"" under the configuration menu and click on ""Disable Battery Backup alarms at all times"". See the screen shot in the attachment."