Why some of the component characteristics in My Ecodial L are marked in BOLD letters like below snapshot.


30 September 2021

Example: Consider a component “Cable” of a circuit – in a simple network.
After the automatic calculations done by Ecodial, the characteristics which are shown in BOLD; will show the results for the components
Good Practice:
User should wait for the automatic calculations of Ecodial to show the results (values) for these characteristics; then; if he
is interested to change the shown result by another value…and let the software to validate his selection.
Some times; at the initial stage of the calculation; users predefining these characteristics with some values; this will miss
lead the Ecodial…and Ecodial will validate this manually given value, for its suitability. But if it is not suitable then, Ecodial will
only keep show the alarm message to “go back to the automatic calculation.” Ecodial will not change the value given by the user.
It is always suggested for the user to wait for the automatic completion of the calculation; the he can verify with his choice of results.