Why My Ecodial L international version is not proposing the multi core cable results not beyond 240 or 300 mm2.


30 September 2021

For the Multi-core cable, software is showing the 240 or 300 mm2 conductor as a maximum cross sectional area result.
Because, when the load is 3P+N+PE (4 wired) the standard cable offer supported by the software is having 240 mm2 as a maximum
conductor cross sectional area for Multi-core cable.
 But, when you do the calculation for the other wiring systems, with Cu or Al Multi-core cables software will go up to 400 or 300 mm2
cross sectional area. Some of the example wiring systems, for that software will find multi core cables up to 400 mm2 are as follows.
In General, final cable solution is based on the standard cable offer supported by the software.