How can I add more circuits in the My Ecodial L project.


30 September 2021

My Ecodial L 3.4 enables the user to increase the worksheet for the drawn installation diagram. User can change the worksheet by selecting the page format (A0, A1...A4)
using the sheet model available in the Parameters Menu. (As shown here below).Click on Menu Parameters / Diagram / Sheet model then click on the Number of sheets zone.

Any symbol should not be outside the existing worksheet area. If it is not the case My Ecodial L 3.4 will not accept the sheet selection!!
My Ecodial L 3.4 will not accept smaller worksheet, if the size of your network is too important!
Related Function:-
Upstream projects:
(Macro-components library / Miscellaneous)
This components function will be useful, when the user is interested to connect a (.hil) Ecodial project to another Ecodial project file.
Reference: My Ecodial L Technical    documentation\Upstream project.
Incoming/Outgoing: (Macro-components library / Miscellaneous)
This will be useful, when we will connect the sub-networks (present in different sheets or different places in the same project) to the main Network diagram.