While working on My Ecodial L, How to choose the cables in manual mode.


30 September 2021

As for all the products chosen by the software (protections, capacitor banks, Canalis), My Ecodial offers the possibility to the user to impose its cable: it is the manual mode.
This manual choice applies to three conductor types: phases, neutral, PE; it is not thus possible to force the cross section area of one of them and to let the software choose the section of the other conductors. Then the software confirms this choice by checking.
Detailed description
Choice of the cable
It is made with a selection guide. Its contents depend on characteristics of the cable: insulating, metal and type (single-core or multi-core, included or separate PE)
  • Phase conductors
Two conditions have to be checked
Being able to support the rated current possibly balanced by factors of correction bound to the installation method and to the environment. If it is not the case My Ecodial does not accept the choice and shows the following message:
The current-carrying capacity of the cable (A) = 337.13
is less than the calculated minimum permissible current (A) = 609.23
for a load rated (A) = 543.00
Adjust either the cable CSA or the design current
The voltage drop must not be higher than:
the value tolerated by the standard for the whole network
the value decided by the user for this cabled
Otherwise My Ecodial does not accept the choice and shows one of following both messages:
***> Cable <***
The circuit voltage drop must remain below the user-defined value (%) = 1.00
***> Cable <***
The combined voltage drop must remain below the standardized value (%) = 7.00
  • Neutral conductor and protection conductor (PE)
The only constraint concerns the neutral conductor who must not be bigger than the conductors of phase. Otherwise the user can choose a conductor which doesn’t match the standard and without reaction of the software. On the other hand the user is notified by the following information shown in three sections (Alarms, Details, and Results).
WARNING: The cable CSAs were chosen manually
Neutral and PE: The user is responsible for the manual choice.