What are the main differences between the old style LD1LB integral starters and the new U-Line?


28 September 2021

Difference between Integral Starter and Tesys U 

Product Line: 
Contactors and Starter - IEC

Tesys U Starter

The dimensions of the U-Line base and the LD1LB are very similar. If they are panel mounted, the upper hole can usually be re-used. The lower one will have to be re-located but not far. The door mounted handles are not interchangeable. The U-Line operator mechanism is LU9AP00 and the handles are LU9AL11 for black and LU9AP12 for red and yellow.

However, the aux contact blocks do not match in quantity and available functionality, so the cross must include all components when comparing U-Line
to Integral lines to arrive at a cross reference. You can never cross components separately and assure equivalence.