Are the lugs included with ATV61 and ATV71 drives?


28 September 2021

Lugs availability on the ATV61/71.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 and ATV71 drives


Needs to know if the lugs come with the ATV61 or ATV71 drives.

From the installation manuals, the 61/71 products up to the HD75N4 (in 460VAC), HD45M3X (for 230VAC) and HD90Y (600VAC) include terminals. All units above that size (HD90N4, HD55M3X and HC11Y and larger) include bus bar connections. The drives with the terminals are all included in the Low Horsepower manuals, and those with bus bar connections are High Horsepower. Lugs are not included with the High Horsepower drives, and need to be supplied by the installer.

This is true for open style drives. Our enclosed drives will have lugs included.