Is the braking transistor inbuilt in Altivar 71 Drives?


30 September 2021

The Braking transistor is inbuilt in maximum ratings of Altivar 71 Drive.

The following Altivar 71 Drive ranges ATV71HpppM3, ATV71HpppM3X, ATV71H075N4…HC16N4, ATV71WpppN4, ATV71PpppN4Z and ATV71HU22Y…HC16Y have a built-in dynamic brake transistor.
However for the following Altivar 71 Drive ranges ATV71HC20N4…HC50N4 and ATV71HC20Y…HC63Y a braking unit must be used. This is controlled by the Drive.
Refer attachment for the Braking Unit Part reference details.