What is the meaning of OC1 fault in Altivar 21 Drive.


27 June 2022

The meaning of OC1 is over current during Acceleration. This fault appears when the motor is drawing excess current during acceleration.

Main probable causes of the fault:
1         The acceleration time ACC is too short.
2         The parameter Pt(Motor Control Mode) is incorrect.
3         The drive is starting into a rotating load.
4         A special motor (e.g. motor with small impedance) is used.
1         Increase the acceleration time
2         Check the Pt (Motor Control Mode) parameter.
3         Use F301 (Auto-Restart) and F302 (Coast Stop).
4         Adjust the switching frequency F300.
5         Set parameter F316(Switching Frequency Control Mode) to 1 or 3 (carrier frequency is decreased automatically).