What is the difference between Fire Mode (Function 52) and Force Mode (Function 53) in Altivar 21 Drive.


30 September 2021

The difference between the Fire Mode (Function 52) and Force Mode (Function 53) is as follows:

In Fire Mode (Function 52) the Drive will run until it fails, any Fault and/or Stop command will not work. In this function the drive cannot be stopped unless power is removed.
In the Force Mode (Function 53) the Drive runs but critical fault and/or Keypad Stop will stop the drive.
The Critical faults are:
Over Current (OC), Overvoltage (OP), motor current sensor error (Err7), Under Voltage (UP1), Ground Fault (EF2), OCP and excessive torque boost fault (E-20).
Refer attachment for the list of faults.