Which anti-virus softwares are compatible with Vijeo Citect 7.0


30 September 2021

Anti-virus software may be used with Vijeo Citect on computer but that may result dismal performance like trend gaps, extraneous I/O update times and slow page updates.

Be aware that when virus scanning software is enabled there may be issues with trend history files and other files actively being written to.

In typical real-time environments data needs to be requested, collected, processed and later stored without delays. Vijeo Citect needs regular write access to the trend history files. Delays and potential locking of files by virus scanning each file write may lead to high CPU usage and instability.

We recommend that the trend history files (and other files actively written to) are not included in virus scanning on writes. If anti-virus software is required, find a product that result in acceptable performance. The Citect corporate standard, McAfee, is a good option.

Be sure to test the performance impact with actual I/O devices, i.e. not with disk devices.