How to change default back-up path of project in Vijeo Designer.


31 December 2021

The default back-up path of the project can be changed as follows:

1)Through software installation:

After Vijeo-Designer is installed, the best way to change the location of the Vijeo-Manager folder (where all the projects get stored) as follows:
1  Uninstall Vijeo-Designer.
2  Reinstall Vijeo-Designer. When the installation wizard offers to pick the location of the Vijeo-Manager folder, pick a different location, not the default one.
3  The installation wizard will detect that there are projects stored in a different Vijeo-Manager folder on the hard drive and it will offer to copy them to the newly selected location. Click Yes.

Note: This Vijeo-Manager path can only contain characters included in the standard ASCII code page (ASCII codes from 0 to 127).

2)Through Export tool:

You can export your project on your PC or any other disk or removable media for which you are able to enter the path.
To do this:
Close your project.
Then right click on it in the Navigator window, and select "Export Project...”
You can now select the path of your choice.
Doing this, you get a .vdz file, which you can open in Vijeo-Designer by selecting "Import Project..." (Not double clicking on it)