Do the Powerpact H & Powerpact J frame breakers have interchangeable rating plugs?


28 September 2021

Can the Powerpact H- and J- frame breakers be replaced with different rating plugs?

Product Line:
Molded Case Circuit Breakers

PowerPact H and J frame Circuit Breakers

No the Powerpact H & J frame breakers do not have interchangeable rating plugs.

You can change the trip units in the unit mount breakers (not I-Line mount) if they were order with this capability, however, the 15-60 amp trip units can only be used in the 60 amp frame and the 70 - 150 amp trip units can only be used in the 150 amp frame.

See FA229053 for the interchangeable trip units for the Powerpact H and J frame circuit breakers.