Can the ATV312 (or the ATV31) jog at a value below LSP?


15 June 2022

Programming JOG for a lower value then LSP.

Product Line:
Altivar 312, Altivar 31

All part numbers, all versions.

Application Requirement. Customer wants to operate the drive at a jog speed which is below the normal Low Speed setting.

The Jog Frequency is adjustable between 0 to 10hz which may be lower than possible LSP setting.
When a run command (forward or reverse) is applied AND the Jog input is turned on the drive will run at the Jog Frequency.
When a run command is present without the Jog input turned on the drive will operate at the Frequency Reference which is adjustable between Low Speed (LSP) and High Speed (HSP).
If the Jog input is turned on while the drive is operating, it will decelerate to the Jog Frequency.  If the Jog input is turned off while the drive is running the drive will accelerate to the Frequency Reference.