What are the 9013FHG pressure switch contacts rated at?


30 September 2021

Contact Rating of 9013F Pressure Switches

Product Line: 
Pressure, vacuum and Float Switches 

9013 Type F Pressure Switch 

Those contacts have a control circuit rating of A600.
They are DC rated at 1/4 HP at 115V and 230V (Except form M4)
They are Single Phase AC rated 1 1/2 HP at 115V, 2 HP at 230V
They are Polyphase rated 2 HP at 115V, 3 HP at 230V, and 1 HP at 460/575V.

This also applies to the 9013 FHG2, 9, 12, 13, 44, 49 9013 FSG, and FSW.