Can the EGX400 or ECC21 fiber port connect directly to a gigabit (1000 Mb) network?



User would like to communicate with an EGX400 or ECC21 using a gigabit (1000 Mb) fiber network
Product line:
ECC21, EGX400
Customer wanted to know if they can directly connect 1000Mb a gigabit) fiber connection to EGX400 or ECC21 fiber port?
Customer cannot connect a 1000Mb fiber connection directly to the ECC21 or EGX400.
As per the ECC21 and EGX400 Installation Manuals, the fiber port is compatible with 100Mb networks only.
If gigabit fiber network connections are needed, a 100Mb multi-mode LC fiber converter will be required. 

Alternately, a gigabit fiber switch with 10/100/1000 copper ethernet connections could be used. In this instance, the fiber would be run to the switch and 10/100 ethernet to the EGX or ECC gateway.