How to change the Branch Current Monitor (BCM) or Branch Circuit Power Meter (BCPM) circuit orientation (Top Feed, Bottom Feed, Sequential, or Odd/Even)



Branch Current Monitor (BCM) Orientation
The circuit orientation is determined by dip switch settings on the BCM board. Refer to the BCM Circuit Orientation.pdf document for dip switch settings.

BCM Circuit Orientation.pdf

Note: Changing the circuit orientation is only available on BCMs with a firmware revision of 1.10 or greater. The firmware revision number is stored in holding registers 50 and 51. For example if register 50 = 1 and register 51 = 9, the firmware revision is 1.9.

Branch Circuit Power Meter (BCPM) Orientation

The circuit orientation is determined by the value held in register 6.

0 = Top Feed (Default)
1 = Bottom Feed
2 = Sequential
3 = Single Row: Odd/Even

Refer to the BCPM Circuit Orientation.pdf document for register settings.

BCPM Circuit Orientation.pdf