Part number for additional Client Access Licenses (CAL) for SMSWeb and Advanced Reports



System Manager Software Device Limited and System Manager Software Standard Edition each come with 1 SMS 4.x Web Client License. This license permits one browser connection to SMS 4.x. An additional 5 licenses can be purchased for a total of 6 simultaneous browser connections. The part number for these additional 5 licenses is SMSWEBXTR.
System Manager Professional Edition comes with an unlimited number of Web Client Licenses. SMSPE has been tested for 30 simultaneous connections without any lag to the server.

Crystal Enterprise has an additional restriction that allows only 10 users to be concurrently connected to Advanced Reports. This number of users can be increased by purchasing additional Client Access Licenses (CAL). The following part number will increase the number of users by 5: SMSPE5CALAR.