Information Manager reports show default graphs when viewed through the SMS Webclient.



When trying to view a graph created by Information Manager in the Webclient for some reason the Webclient graph does not match the one in Information Manager. The Webclient just displays a default graph which effects trends, bar charts, and pie charts. The screen shoots below show an example of the issue.

If the report is viewed from Information Manager it appears as follows.

However when the report is viewed through the webclient it appears as follows.

Product Line
SMS 3.3.x
SMS 4.x

The fix is to create a Mime Type for the .peg extension. The .peg file is the file within Information Manager reports that contains the graph information.

Creating a Mime Type for a Windows 2003 Server:
1.) Go to Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services Manger
2.) Right Click on the computer name and then select properties
3.) Click the MIME Types... button
4.) Click new
5.) enter the extension .peg in the Extension: field and MIME type should be image/peg.


The report graphs should now show properly within the Webclient.