ION Enterprise v6.0 Web Reporter Report Packs will not install.




The report packs are not showing up in Reporter. Just displays loading but no reports populate.

Product Line:

Enterprise 6.0 Web Reporter


Web Reporter


Reports failed to load during install. 


In order to resolve this problem, add the Windows IONUser to the administrators group and then run the Change > Modify options on the ION Enterprise installation from Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel. The Windows IONUser password is "IONisgreat!" without the quotes. In order to do this follow the steps below:
1) Right click on My Computer and choose Manage
2) Expand System Tools > Local Users and Groups and click on the Users folder
3) Double click on IONUser
4) Click the Member Of tab
5) Click Add...
6) Type in Administrators and click OK all the way out

7) Now open the Windows Control Panel
8) Open Add/Remove Programs
9) Click on ION Enterprise
10) Click Change

11) Choose the Modify Option and click next

12) Click Finish
13) Test to see if the Web Reporter Report packs are now available

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